UTM Tracking – How it is useful in DM?


UTM- What, Why, and how it is useful in Digital Marketing?

Do you know which online marketing campaign will drive the highest traffic to your website? You Need to know about UTM Tracking

Surely, most will say yes!

I know you might present on varied referral sources in your Google Analytics results.

 But don’t you think it would be more helpful to have an advanced tracking option that keeps you on top of the marketing strategies that lead highest traffic to you?

This is where; The UTM Tracking Parameters come into battle!

Do you know, URL’s tagging with UTM can allow you to know how your visitors interact with your website?

If you also want to learn more about UTM Tracking, just take a deep dive with us. As a result, you will see improved traffic towards your website.

We are here to start with the basics, so that beginners would also feel helpful.

So, here we go!

What is UTM Tracking?

UTM Tracking is defined as an URL-encoded process. Basically, it informed Google Analytics regarding the path visitors choose to enter to your website.

UTM stands for “Urchin Traffic Monitor.” Its name comes from the Urchin Tracker. Urchin Trackers is a web analytics tool that was obtained by Google in 2005. After that, the tool was transformed in Google Analytics.

Nowadays, it is one of the excellent ways to track marketing campaigns.

Currently, Marketers highly use it in their digital marketing campaigns.

Do you know why? Let’s Explore!

Why are UTM Tracking Codes used in Digital Marketing?

UTM Tracking Codes are snippets of codes. It is attached at the end of the URL. Basically, it used to evaluate the effectiveness of the digital marketing campaign. Moreover, it also proves helpful to point-out certain traffic sources to your website.

However, UTM Codes consist of a traffic source, a campaign name, and medium. It might also contain content identifiers, and some keyword phrases.

If you perfectly use it, it will prove a powerful tool for your data analytics tool kit. You can also identify the top-performing content basis on your marketing objectives.

If you think, where do you use these UTM codes? It can be used in any digital content like Blog Posts, Social Media, Online Newsletters, Banner Ads, and Landing Pages.

In this way, UTM Tracking Codes proves much useful in Digital Marketing.

Now, we explore how it is useful in different digital marketing strategies.

How UTM Codes proves useful in different Digital Marketing Strategies?

UTM Codes proves much helpful in several Digital Marketing Strategies such as:

  •         Conversion Rate Optimization

Once you set your objectives, and let them run. You should take reports from GA to improve your conversion rates, and UTM Strategy.

Let’s Understand with an Example!

Suppose you are running 2 projects. In these projects, you convince the audience to make purchase of your brand-new product. Now, the prime focus of your one campaign is PPC, and the other is Social Media.

Here, these are the steps you will take now:

  • Set-Up an objective in Google Analytics to track your new product.
  • Now, Create URL for Social media Project. It sets the utm_medium code to “social” and the utm_project code to “project 1”.
  • Simultaneously, you will create the 2nd url of your PPC Campaign.
  • Now, make sure the accurate usage of URL for each project. And launch the both social media, and PPC Campaign.

Later, run the campaigns for a while, and get back to GA or check data. Guess what you will find?

Your social media campaign will get double the conversion rate as the PPC.

Now, you should take a sensible move. Cut back on sources for PPC Campaign, and evaluate the social media project

Now, you can utilize Analytics Reporting to showcase which social media channels are reaping best conversion rates. You can associate with that details, and optimize your UTM marketing strategy further.

  •         Off-Site Campaigns

There are some people who think UTM Tags can only be used when you are creating URL’s on your website.

Well, it is no more a truth!

True to be told, you can use UTM codes in any URL. No matter, it is your website or other’s. However, UTM offers endless opportunities in digital marketing.

Let me Explain with an Example;

Suppose you are posting a weblink on Twitter to your website. Now, you can encode it with UTM Tracking codes. If you are doing guest blogging, you can post the link to your website including UTM Code.

Wholly, it proves the best way to shorten your URL or make it user-friendly. As we know, Long URL’s annoy users. On the whole, Google offers you a URL Shorten that you can use. Moreover, by plug in your UTM-stuffed URL, Google will return your more shirt version.

And yes, don’t be concerned!

The shorter version will contain all request codes that you have placed into it. Now, you are still able to track traffic sources with a shortened hyperlink.


I hope you perfectly understand that point of UTM Tracking. Now, it’s time to get busy.  

Consider your Ad Campaigns, or backlink strategy, you will launch in near future. Now, already update your hyperlink with accurate UTM codes for optimizing UTM in digital marketing.

After doing this, you can successfully track the paths from where your traffic comes. Even though, analyze which channels offer maximum conversion rates.

So, what are you looking for? Just, grab most out of the UTM Tracking in digital marketing by framing your strategies accordingly.

For getting more detailed information about UTM Tracking, you can check out here.

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